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Thread: Where is Southern?

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    Hope 10-1 Expect 7-4

    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle22 View Post
    State fans, throw your season predictions in on this thread, if you care to. Curious what you expect vs. what you hope for. Let's hear the reality as you see it.

    I haven't peeked at your schedule, though I do know from reading you have JaxSt, Lambuth and Alabama on the schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    It's not spin, it's the simple truth. You are seriously making too much out of this. It's not much more than GSU getting a story in SI about Adrian Peterson, or having our unis named among the best by them, or having a football preview for the team on ESPN's 50 states preview.
    Wow, this is even more spin than the last post. Simple question, yet no answer. Only mindless ramblings about some preview on ESPN. Buddy, ESPN has been chronicling GSU's start-up efforts with online videos and magazine articles. The Star Jackson story was all over SI, USA Today,, you name it. But that's not what we're talking about here. We are talking about a guy who spent years under PJ as an assistant at GA Tech, and yet despite all that, he can't get the invite at the year's most prestigious college football media event in the state, hosted by the Game Day Live crew. Like I said, spin, spin and spin some more, about Curry, and GSU's relevance, but the fact remains that there are only 3 big boys at the table, and the guy in Statesboro is not.

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    Umm....have you looked at Curry's record at Georgia Tech? 31-43, with only 3 of his 7 seasons having a winning record. I assume the year he got ACC CotY was the year he was 8-5-1. LoL. The man that Monken worked under won 9 games in his first season and that was in making the transition between a pro-offense and the flexbone option.

    And speaking of Furman, at least PJ has a winning record against them, and not a 0-1-1 like Curry's at Georgia Tech. And yeah yeah, I know Monken is our coach and not Johnson, but Monken has pretty much been PJ's right hand man through GSU, Navy, and Tech. And not to mention that unlike Curry, Monken has experience in this division and more experience recruiting in this state. I'd sooner bet on him making GSU a power than Curry making State a power. The Zenith of Curry's coaching career was a loss to Miami in the Sugar Bowl. And any fool can take 'Bama to the big game once in a while.
    I love the spiel on Curry's record. Curry took a GA Tech program that was in absolute shambles, and actually made it into something presentable. He is the type of guy who's never been afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work to create something. Again, spin it all you like as you are obviously adept at it, but winning multiple coach of the year honors says all you need to know about Curry. Oh and the "any fool can take 'Bama to the big game once in a while" is priceless. Curry's three-year record of 26–10 gave him the highest winning percentage among Alabama coaches since Bear Bryant, LOL!

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    I hate to knock Curry since he is a pretty classy guy, but the guy reminds me of one of our ex-coaches who came here with experience as an SEC defensive coordinator and an NFL coach. He seems to think he is going to effortlessly mow down the competition in the FCS because of where he has coached before. His coaching staff looks like something he just threw together in a minute.
    Yeah, our coaching staff has about what, 50+ years of combined experience over Southern's, lol!! John Bond, our offensive coordinator, helped Northern Illinois to two Mid-American Conference Western Division titles and two bowl games, highlighted by a 9-4 record in 2004, when the Huskies ranked 11th in the nation in rushing, 14th in scoring and 14th in total offense. At Illinois State, Bond was a finalist for the American Football Coaches Association’s Assistant Coach of the Year award. Yeah, hardly a guy you just "throw together in a minute."

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    If you or any other state fans think you are going to be the next juggernaut in the FCS, you are in for a rude awakening. I see you guys being a mid-level CAA team in 2012 when you join that league. Think your admin will go full speed ahead to the FBS when that happens?
    Mid-level in CAA by 2012? I sure hope so. That's like what, top 4 in SoCon, lol!

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    Speaking of academics and starting salaries after graduation, how do the average salaries of GSU and State compare when you remove a lot of the non-traditional students who are MBA alums? I don't know a lot about State's undergrad programs, but in many programs the admissions are completely cream-puff. GSU has a much higher percentage of students with an SAT (math plus verbal) more than 1000.
    Don't talk about academic programs. Really, it's just flat out embarrassing. Southern is nowhere to be found in rankings when it comes to undergrad education, and I just posted you some of the rankings for GSU. The only reason Southern's SAT scores have been 10-15 points higher than GSU's in the last few years is because GSU has grown more than any other school in the state. We are on pace to increase our average SAT scores by 15+ points this year alone, so we'll revisit that subject in a couple of months. In the meantime, you keep spinning that wheel. You're so good at it, I'd recommend a wheel of fortune tryout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer22 View Post
    Notice that you said other than the coordinators. You just can't disregard the head coach, the offensive coordinator, and the defensive coordinator!!! Those are the scheme makers and play callers.
    Just because they have experience doesn't mean they are worth a crap.

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    Just curious, why did you leave out Bond's poor showing at GT in your "bio" of him?
    People never grow up. They just learn how to act in public.

    The artist formerly known as gsu_paintballer.

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    Oh, and for Ga State fans, that means that this "smack" thread is boring, not what you are used to hearing from your boyfriends.
    The things that come to those who wait will be the scraggly junk left by those who got there first.

    If everyone does their assignments, nobody can stop us. The only people that can stop us is Georgia Southern.-Teddy Craft

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    Monken PI has experience as coordinator - good

    GSU Coordinators = bad

    Quote Originally Posted by Walt3412 View Post
    Just because they have experience doesn't mean they are worth a crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gudp1 View Post
    Sorry about the typo on the 500 part. It was the fortune top 50 list from 2006 and state had one and he is a monumental failure based on what BOA has become but I am sure he took the money.....

    As for the rest, even Columbus state has a fortune 500 CEO. Even Dollar General store is fortune 500.

    you should go on all day because I have found no published list of the colleges of the CEO's of Fortune 500. Even the brochure from the Robinson School of business does not claim more F 500 CEO's than anyone.

    BTW - that title belongs to the U of Wisconsin......
    HAHA!!! Southern education at its BEST! "If I can't find it on the internet, it doesn't exist." LMAO!!!!! There are a lot of things Robinson brochure doesn't "claim," especially a list published six years ago, but I assure you, just because you close your eyes, cover your ears, or wish it away, it doesn't make it so. And tell me something, what does it say about Georgia Southern, when even Columbus State has a Fortune 500 CEO? No one here seems to answer ANY of my questions, or try to provide any facts about Southern, and we all know why -- Southern's history when it comes to academia or successful business leaders is non-existent, and pales in comparison to GSU, or as we have apparently found out, Columbus State. Bravo Statesboro. Hail Southern, LOL!

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    I suppose you guys expect us to draw 1000 a game and go 2 and 9 and slip quietly into the night

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsu_paintballer View Post
    Just curious, why did you leave out Bond's poor showing at GT in your "bio" of him?
    That wasn't a bio, just his greatest accolades. If you want to see his full bio, or any of our coaching staff, feel free to visit our athletics site.

    Heck, if you want to see a REAL recruiting site from a program that actually "gets it," click here:

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    Paintballer is hilarious. My all time favorite thread with his involvement is him on Stingtalk trying to convince GT folk to agree with his anti GSU ranting and then watching them turn against him in masse. LMAO


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