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Thread: Players coming back for Summer

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    Anyone know anything about the walk-ons? We are going to be nasty next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleskins View Post
    Anyone know if any of our new basketball recruits are in school? Would be nice for them all to be, and build up some cohesion before practice starts. BTW, I can't wait for basketball.
    They're all here. I've seen em all walking around campus on time or another. I believe they work out and play pick up games everyday. And I heard that the freshmen had challenged the upperclassmen to a game.

    Quote Originally Posted by half-n-half View Post
    Bayhnam and Mike are listed a lot smaller than thought.
    Yeah, I remember walking by Baynham and I didn't believe he could be the 6'7 he was listed on ESPN. But Mike, I'm not sure, I saw him at the GSU team camp and he certainly seemed the 6'8 he was listed at.


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