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Thread: Scrimmage Updates??

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    It would be nice if you two could perhaps keep your personal bickering on a PM and not the thread titled "Scrimmage update" Thanks. Now if this thread was titled Skins and Buzz moan about a while bunch of nothing because they are bored, then the last page of garbage would be appropriate.

    Back on track.

    I went to the scrimmage Saturday and thought that we looked ok for this point in the spring. Defense is laying the wood but it is kind of hard to tell how good the D is or if the play of the O is making them look better. Lots of fumbles and very few pitches to the SB. To be expected at this point and that should go away with repetition. Lucky and Mcray have the speed and moves and should be on the field in some capacity. Osborne has a good arm but doesn't appear to have the speed. If Robinson can keep his feet underneath him he could be a great SB but to often he seems to lose his footing on the perimeter trying to cut it up the field. Lots of work left but potential is there
    do we have a problem?

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    The QB's are reading the defense by what Monkin and Ware are saying in their interviews. Zeke probably didn't get the ball because of the QB read or a QB bad read. Throwing these QB's at a defense who is blitzing and moving is tough. I know the Paul Johnson TO offense well. It is going to take the O-Line to make this offense work and in my opinion in 12 practices they are very far behind the defense. Luckey and McCray have made many mistakes but have the speed to take it to the house. Demasi and Osborne are not as quick as foot. Demasi can read it but needs to have quicker feet. Osborne is a passer first so its also tough on him. The advantage goes to Shaw because he has run it, but behind an experience O-line.

    The Eagles will soar once the Offense catches up to the Defense.



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