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Thread: Scrimmage Updates??

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    Default Scrimmage Updates??

    Is there anyone at the scrimmage with a crackberry that can give us updates?

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    Must have updates...mmhm...brains..
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    I just got back from the scrimmage. I didn't stay the whole time, but saw most of it. There seemed to be a lot of fumbles today, many recovered by the D. Luckey also managed to come up with a big run for a touchdown.

    AJ showed some moves on a few plays and made guys miss.

    1 QB, I don't remember which one, was about to get hit by a defender. He made a "save myself" pitch to the running back that was well covered, resulting in the back taking a huge crush by 2 defenders. I was not happy to see that.

    The quarterbacks were taking some shots downfield and completed a couple. Many times there would be a receiver that beat his man, but the QB would throw the ball just short for an incompletion. I saw 1 interception. The offense put one sustained drive together and went down the field. A QB threw about a 10 yard pass to a diving receiver for a TD. My summary of the passing game would be that the receivers are getting the necessary separation, but the timing and placement of the passes aren't quite there yet.

    All in all, the QBs seemed to do a much better job of reading the defense than last weekend. The progression of the plays didn't look as rigid. The defense was still ahead overall, but the offense is showing some improvement; they just have a long ways to go yet.

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    Thanks for the info. I expected some hiccups due to the players having to think for themselves about making on-the-field adjustments in the new schemes. It gets a little more difficult when the coaches are not there to assist you in getting in the right alignments, etc.

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    Did Valentine get in any?

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    Quote Originally Posted by winstoneagle View Post
    Did Valentine get in any?
    He's with the 2s. Williford and Barker played WR for the 1s.
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    Regarding football Scheduling.

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    I didn't go today...darn it..last week Barker played well, he put a shot on a few DB's..blocked well. Valentine and most of the WR's need to be more physical and block when it is a run....

    How di dthe SB doe today? How many TD' guys who went are falling doen on the job. Last week we gave a better report....need info!
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    Overall the offense did not look good, the defense pretty much dominated every series except four, two of which ended in td's. Jawaun Luckey was the only qb out there who semi consistently moved the ball, he had the passing td in the endzone for the first td, then had a 30 or 35 yard qb scramble for a td. Our receivers dropped many passes, although most of the throws were not that on target. But the receivers dropped alot of perfect passes that landed right in their hands. We fumbled on most series. Also AJ moved the ball pretty well, when ever Demasi or Osbourn was the qb the offense didnt move, and we turned the ball over most of their series.

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    If I had to put together a depth chart for the Sav State (mind you, just off of what I've read) it would look like:

    1. Jaybo Shaw
    2. Jawaun Luckey
    3. Brett Osborn (situational passer)
    4. Russell DeMasi
    5. Fresh #1
    6. Fresh #2 (RS) etc..etc..

    AJ McCray might sneak his way into the mix but I can see a position change in his future. Lee Banks is still listed as QB, and I've heard very little about him, I'd put him over DeMasi if he sticks there.
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    If you are going to play receiver in our offense now, you better be able to block, if not you are not going to see a lot of playing time....our offense will get better with time...our qbs will learn to think and make decisions faster and faster with repetitions....just takes time.....not sure Shaw will be the answer, but he may be the best we have when the season opens, I really think someone will surpass him...maybe not immediately....I thank god everyday the T-O is back....but lets not get crazy ....we have a long way to go...I think we have the right man running the show however.....time will tell....GO eagles...


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