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Thread: Top 10 list!

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    From BVG's List of things we won't hear Monken say:
    #1 - I am God and my **** don't stink. I have no clue why my team inhales vigorously and I can't win.

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    "Knowledgeable football people would be able to look at what we've done here and see how much better things are now." (Immediately after posting a 3-8 record.)
    We had plain white pants, we had plain navy-blue shirts, a number on the front and a number on the back. We couldn't even put a stripe down the middle of our helmets. We used a strip of tape. ... Those kind of things screamed, 'TEAM!' - Erk Russell

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    Monken will explain in detail a China Route and Cover 2.
    No longer eating crow for saying "The TO is gone get over it!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUENECK View Post
    Top ten phrases I doubt we will hear coach Monken say.

    10 Need to get the tight end the ball more.
    9 This is a process.
    8 Hopefully the new transfer will help.
    7 We are just so young and need more team speed.
    6 We are in a rebuilding mode.
    5 Our standards are just so darn tough to recruit with.
    4 Yes I have a CDL licenses.
    3 Time to break out our bubble screen.
    2 Our first game is nothing more than a scrimmage.
    1 There is no option!
    It sounds like #8 is already false.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walt3412 View Post
    It sounds like #8 is already false.
    Unless Monken feels completely different than PJ, I don’t see him taking loads of transfers. Perhaps 1 or 2 to fill a spot, beyond that I just don’t see it.

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    Snooky's? No thanks, I'd rather eat breakfast at Huddle House.

    Let's fill in this dirty ditch and get some new buses.

    Geez, the girls are ugly around here!!!!

    I've noticed that since moving to Statesboro, I haven't seen anyone dipping snuff.

    No, I don't think anyone pays attention to that message board.

    Whattdya mean the number 8 jersey's been retired?

    I prefer NC style vinegar BBQ to that crap at Vandy's.

    Since when did they give this place "University" status?

    GSU? Isn't that the new team up in Atlanta?

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    10. North Dakota St. is what the future of GSU football should look like.
    9. We need to improve our bubble screen offense.
    8. Losing is all the players fault. Our coaches are winners and if we lose it must be the players fault.
    7. Snooky's -- what is that?
    6. We try not to tire out our running backs -- that is why we never call 2 running plays in a row.
    5. As soon as we can get some good 6' 5" or better offensive linemen who can pass protect we are on our way.
    4. It takes lots of practice to get the timing down for our offense to stand at attention and look to the sideline for 20 seconds for every play to be called.
    3. Running the ball is for wusses-- we want to throw it 40-50 times a game.
    2. We need to install a higher fortress around the practice field-- You know how all the other SoCon teams are always trying to spy on our practices.
    1. Chattanooga and Samford are tough opponents.


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