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Thread: Trailer Smokers/Grills

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    I found one of those old tanks and someone welded it to a trailer but it is HEAVVVVYYYY. We used it for one year at our tailgate until someone bought a new one that easier to move around and a lot lighter. I use mine at home, neighborhood cookouts and away games. if you can find an old tank and sand it and paint it it will do the job. I sanded, spray painted with high heat paint, and added the wood table and the handles to mine and it turned out ok. But this is as basic as it gets.

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    Is that an old propane tank? How many gallons is that thing? Looks a little too big for my needs.

    Looks like 250 gal

    What did you use to cut it with?

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    claydus, i'm sure somebody we know down in the boro has an old keg. maybe we could use that and cut it in half?
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