Three Eagle shooters are competing this weekend in the National Skeet Shooting Association's Georgia State Skeet Shooting Championship. This is not a youth event. It's everybody from seasoned veterans down to the kids. In the 12 gauge event today, which is what they will shoot in ACUI competitions, the Eagle shooters were phenomenal. Douglas Williams, whose specialty is Sporting Clays came in with a great 97/100. Recent signee and NSSA/SCTP All-American Bryce Daniel shot a smoking 99/100. Bryce is the high average leader (high school and college) in the nation at 98.6% for all of 2019. But the star of the day is SCTP Trapshooting All-American Gracie Whitley who put four rounds of 25/25 back to back for a remarkable 100/100. Those kinds of scores would have GS at or near the top of the leader board at any ACUI event. These three will be shooting next weekend in the Georgia SCTP State Clay Target Championship for their respective SCTP All-Star teams. Can't wait to put them in Georgia Southern Eagle "BLUE" starting this Fall.

Congratulations Eagles....and GATA!!!