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View Poll Results: What offense do you prefer Georgia Southern to run?

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  • Flexbone only

    12 15.38%
  • Flexbone preferred but other option offenses are fine

    30 38.46%
  • Option, but not the flexbone

    10 12.82%
  • Any offense is fine

    23 29.49%
  • Run-heavy but not option-based

    3 3.85%
  • Pass heavy

    0 0%
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Thread: Flexbone Opinions

  1. Default Flexbone Opinions

    This isn’t a thread to discuss the merits of any particular offense. It’s just a thread for personal preference.

    Try to keep the discussion civilized.
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    Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by Klak View Post
    This isn’t a thread for the merits of any particular offense. It’s just a thread for personal preference.

    Try to keep the discussion civilized.

  3. Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    Poll added

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    Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    I love Flex, but I love winning more, so whatever offense does that.

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    Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    Anything but pro-style, prefer the option, no preference b/t flexbone versus pistol option (apparently the preferred label in our game notes).
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    Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    Any option based offense I think is great. Flex or not, we need to be more balanced (~15 passes a game) throwing 5 passes a game isn't cutting it.
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    I suppose you guys expect us to draw 1000 a game and go 2 and 9 and slip quietly into the night

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    Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    Fan of a multiple option offense with a flex veer blocking base, that also runs some pistol and gun looks. Also open to running an uptempo RPO system like Louisiana runs.

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    Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    Love the flex, love what tebow ran at UF, love what Oregon ran, love what Fritz ran here.

    Back to the flex, I do secretly enjoy watching the body language of a defense as they line up against our O-Line late in the game and it's obvious they are tired of getting hit.

    I miss being confident on 4th and 2.
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    Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    Flex rules and we invented it.
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    "Losing is the most disgusting thing that you can experience...We feel we need to surround ourselves with people who feel that winning is the most important thing in the world. If you feel that way, and I do, and I think our players feel that way, then losing has got to be about the worst thing that can happen to you." Erk Russell

  10. Default Re: Flexbone Opinions

    I've been here since we restarted football and couldn't care less whether we run option football or not. The inability to throw the ball effectively is what's holding us back on offense. Balance up some and we will be amazed at how effective our run game will become. We make it much more difficult when we are in effect a run only team, but when we continually bring in QB's that can't throw that's what happens.

    BTW, I don't know who all these people are that everyone on here says are flex only people. Everyone I know just wants to win. The vast majority of people that were here at the beginning are to old to care or have passed away.

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