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Thread: Mercer

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    McCadden is on fire. 26 points / 7 threes made so far.

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    Just said after the win over Redford that McCadden had improved over the offseason but wow I didnít see this coming, Mercer had dared him to shoot 3ís and heís been red hot!

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    Up 66-58 with 11:46 remaining. Shooting 52% for the game as a team.

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    After being down 23-9 early we've outscored Mercer 65-38. Nice answer.

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    Goood LORD at that alley-oop

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    24-34 from two point range. That's pretty good right?

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    Great win, Eagles! 98-88

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    That was a JWill move from Wishart. Good win.
    Too many Urkels on your team that's why your wins low

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    For those of you that watched this Mercer game and saw us in the grey uniforms, have you seen what Ga State is wearing this year....

    Thatís just not right, I mean, donít we have enough problems with people confusing Southern and State without adding to it by wearing the same uniforms.

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    We should have had Dick Vitale in the house for all of the showtime moments in this one. There were so many I lost count. I'm not sure what Mercer was doing with that press at the end but instead of having mercy, we should have dunked all over them again to hit the century mark.

    McCadden had the hot hand tonight. He kept us in it early when we were struggling, and Mercer never could adjust to stop him.

    Great job of doubling and frustrating their big man when they started feeding him in the 2nd half.

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