4 wins is probable.
5 wins is possible.
6 wins is optimistic.

Something will have to change to get more than 6. No more OL penetration...more big plays....some beat downs on 2 or 3 probable/possible wins.....no change and 6 is tops.

Let me offer a visual analogy for comparative and comprehension purposes: Cornbread. You mix cornmeal, flour (sometimes), buttamilk, some egg, salt and peppa, and some form of oll - butta, veg oil, Crisco or my favorite - bacon grease. Now....you mix all this up an' put it in that cast iron skillet. Add you some cracklin' or crack corn and some folks add some pimento but I think that's just wrong. Anyhoo....you cook that skillet 'til it get light brown on the top. You take it out...let it set 10 min and you flip on a plate. What you do if that underside is burnt? Did you grease that skillet first? Make sure that when you add that buttamilk it ain't too sticky? Last thing you wanna do is toss that cornbread to the hogs! Then that missus lay upside that head with them rollapin.

Be happy with 5. Be ecstatic with 6. Be trippin' with 7.

See what I'm sayin'?