The kids came to play but undoubtedly a depressing outcome from a fan perspective. Looking back on the way this game ended (along with NC State, GT and UGA) it is emotionally exhausting and depressing. I mean, how many other G5’s have been that close, that many times and choked?

A Minnesota fan came to our board and “congratulated” us and said “good things are coming for us.” I hate to hear that from the opposition, he meant well but IMO that should only happen after win, not a “moral victory,” but unfortunately that’s the position we’ve put program in- we (sometimes) put up a good fight.

It is difficult for me to be down on our defense after yesterday’s gutsy performance, but man we just cannot let anybody convert on 3rd&29 or let a non-dual threat QB rush for a 1st on 3rd&15 in such a close game. We need to progress as a program to figuring out how to get the win against the Minnesota’s, not the Maine’s (that should be automatic).