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Thread: Gameday comments

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    1. Apparently people at the club level now have to get a wrist band to get to their seats. Completely and utterly pointless. When the team was ready to take the field there were still many people in line waiting.

    2. Those of us on the Bishop Building side of the club level can still hear nothing from the sound system. During the moment of silence for the Hagans everyone was talking. It surely can't be too expensive to at least get some speakers under there.

    3. Is it possible for the band to assemble at Eagle field instead of the RAC? They hold traffic up on Malecki Drive.
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    You can for sure hear it on the home side. There were several times that it was entirely too loud. The sound man must be deaf and doesn't pay attention very well

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    We got in the gate about 45 mins early and didn't really have to wait in line for the club level wrist bands. Didnt realize you had to cut them to get them off so they ended up a bit tight at the end of the game.

    Didn't actually visit the concessions but they were packed on my few trips to the bathroom. Things tend to improve though from the first to second home game.

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    Bathrooms pretty darn clean

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    We quit going to concessions. It's pointless to expect improvement

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    WiFi wouldn’t allow me to connect in the first quarter but was able to hop on in the second. Kept getting kicked off and ultimately speed was better not being on WiFi than being on it.

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    wifi was a joke...and that was with a smaller crowd at the game.

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    Wifi worked fine for us (once we figured out how to sign).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcountry View Post
    Wifi was inop all night for me.

    The concessions issue is solvable. The cashiers were having to turn around and fetch orders. Just have runners get orders. No reason a cashier should have to do that. Just let cashiers do transactions. Turning around in the middle of each register operation screws them up.

    Couple extra people would solve it.
    I was in KK wifi was unstable and slow. Nobody around me could get it to work either.

    A lot of students got upset when they reach the register and were told that they weren't able to take Eagle Express yet.
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    NoFi was more like it. I in Section D and the signal was only half the bars. Which is troubling, even if you can't connect the bars should still be full. I connected once but that didn't last and was never able to get back on.

    I noticed 2 food trucks on the press box side with no lines. Yet the concession line was a mile long. I don't know about you, but if I saw no line I'd sure as heck go there vs the concession line. I was able to get a kiosk with no line to grab a water with no wait. I noticed a few others like that.
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