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I'm sure it exists somewhere AT each school but don't think it exists all in one place.....you'd probably have a better chance of finding naked pictures of my mother on their computer system though but it is there. The NCAA report for 2018 only shows what the schools report and a big chunk do not report actual and attendance was still down to the lowest point in years. The WSJ requested the real numbers a couple years ago from 100 schools. You might be able to find it somewhere but here's a taste....
It was a piece in the Wall street Journal last year.

It showed Georgia Southern in the top 5 highest in FBS in terms of percentage of scanned attendance compared to reported attendance.

I don't trust the numbers, though, because they show us having an average home attendance just a couple thousand less than App on a 2-10 season and they also show Georgia State's scanned tickes at about 75% of their reported attendance (bull ****).