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Thread: Minnesota Tailgating

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    Default Minnesota Tailgating

    Is there a particular lot that GS folks are meeting for the Gopher game tailgate? Weíre allowed to start at 8:30am and I have a group of 7 making plans to set up early.

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    Default Re: Minnesota Tailgating

    I have not even looked into it yet. Have you been before and can recommend a lot?
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    I cannot answer your specific question, but for general information about game day/parking you might start here:

    Example of one of the parking map links from that site:

    City tailgating policies:

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    My entire family is from there so Iíve been to Minnesota annually but have not gone to TCF Stadium. Tailgated at the old Metrodome several times and saw my first baseball and football games there. Iíve read everything online, just trying to find a good place to ensure we have some green space for tents, etc.

    My cousin who is my age is a Gopher but he canít make the game and hasnít gone back in this stadium.

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    And on a completely different stream of thought, my parents moved back home to Minnesota for a number of years in 2002 after 30 years away after Vietnam draft while I was still in school. I went up to help with moving and my Dad asked what I wanted to do Sunday before flying back Monday. Just so happened the Falcons were in town and it was Vickís breakthrough overtime win. We got tickets in the end zone 20 rows up in the metro dome for less than I paid for the GS game.

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