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Thread: Join in the lsu discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLEMAN View Post
    Las Vegas line opens with us as a 25.5pt underdog. ESPN’s FPI 3.3% chance to win. We got work to do!
    Look, LSU QB is a big strong 5th year starter, I watched him last year get his "bell rung" a number of times, get back up and play with intensity, this kid may not be "flashy" but he is one tough big kid. We will have our hands full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by half-n-half View Post
    I donít know what Florida fans you are talking to but I didnít encounter a single one that day that thought they were going to beat FSU.
    A whole tailgating field of them between the place we parked in student housing and the stadium. They thought they would beat us, gain confidence and experience, get some people healthy and beat FSU in the rivalry game to be bowl eligible. Now we did have some students in the housing area who weren't going to the game because they didn't want to see them lose.
    "Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?... No, Who is with me?" Bluto

    "We'll win one we should have lost, and lose one we should have won, surprise a OOC FBS opponent or two, win the SBC Championship and get our third bowl win" Me

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