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If you have been told by the coaches the entire season that they intend to RS you, you have already played in 4 games, and they try to put you in on a meaningless KO return and you don't at least ask the question, then you have SOME part in it. I'm not blaming him. I'm simply saying he should have known and paid attention to it. I'm not saying tell the coach "F-off, I'm not going in". But you can say "you know that burns my RS, right? Are you sure?"
I agree with you if that was the actual case. Read that article I linked. They ****ed him. His entire family knew his RS was about up and talked to the coaches, the HC and OC said they had plans for him the rest of the season both to his family and in the media, red shirt discussion was dropped, they put him in for a fifth game thinking it was his fourth while he thought he'd be getting regular PT the rest of the season, then a coach said they were going to red shirt him after the fifth game because they didn't log a game he was in one play, and then he didn't play again for six games. Auburn would not comment on any of it. He burned a year of eligibility for 13 carries and poor administrative record keeping.

Hell, I refused to go in a game of JV basketball for charity minutes when we'd been up by minimum ten points the entire game. I inhale vigorouslyed but I had my pride.