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Thread: Erk HOF!!!

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    Letís quit whining about how unfair it is that Erk is not in the HOF, and letís do something about it!

    Letís put together some kind of petition or drive for an exception or waiver...

    The man had many years as a coordinator, why canít some of that be counted toward the HC requirement? How about the fact that he took the job at a relatively advanced age, and health became a conern?

    How about the fact that Chick-Fil-A sponsors the HOF name? You would think they would have some pull....

    Has anyone ever tried a serious petition or campaign? If something like that could be effective, we could get one hell of a lot of signatures this season....

    We all know that someone so remarkable being excluded from the HOF is a huge injustice. Erkís story is the heart and soul of what college football is about.

    What can we do to fix this?

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    Get on the committee and change the rules to 9 years.
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    I think we can argue waving the 10 year rule IF you start a new program.
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    There's no need to make an exception, just get rid of the requirement. If you use proper discretion the length of time a person was coaching shouldn't matter.
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    From the inductees selection process site:

    “A coach becomes eligible three years after retirement or immediately following retirement provided he is at least 70 years of age. Active coaches become eligible at 75 years of age. He must have been a head coach for a minimum of 10 years and coached at least 100 games with a .600 winning percentage*.

    * Players that do not comply with the 50-year rule may still be eligible for consideration by the Football Bowl Subdivision and Divisional Honors Review Committees, which examine unique cases.”

    -It is interesting to me that the third sentence has an asterisk, but the only footnote talks about the players 50 year rule. Makes me wonder if there is another unpublished clarification for the coaches.

    - It would seem that the Divisional Honors Review Committee needs to be infiltrated, or persuaded

    Looks like the blimp takes precedent:

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    Ok so the NFF is the keeper of the HOF. They now have the “Leadership” award winners enshrined. I wonder if this might be an inroad for Erk?

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    We are all prejudiced towards Erk and his impact on GS Football. It hurts like H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks that heís not already in the CFB HOF.

    Erkís life story is stuff of legends not only in the world of college football but in the world of sports in general. I know someone attempted to make a movie about him and I hope, one day, someone will follow through with one.

    At the very least, ESPN 30 for 30 could do a fantastic job with telling his story.

    From a movie standpoint, everyone loves a great sports movie that inspires and his has to be tailor made for the big screen. Some great actors that could play his part would be ....

    Bruce Willis
    Michael Chiklis
    Rex Linn
    Terry OíQuinn

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    If Barnhart could not get it done. I am not sure that anyone else can.
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    Ed Harris is my pick for Erk.
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    Most movies start with a good book.

    Get to work!


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