Gopher's last 4 years under 2 different coaches. Dont say we don't have a better than average chance!

In an earlier post I gave you what a truthful Gopher fan said that goes along with information in the above info.

From a good Gopher fan. It's nice to hear strait talk from an opponent.

"Regarding our teams, sounds like both programs have had a fair amount of turnover on the coaching staffs recently. Our Gophers are really just going into year two of coach Fleck's system. Everything was limited the first season because most of the players were brand new to the system. Last year two freshmen played at QB. Those sophomores are completing for the starting job. The backups will be two true freshmen. With that said, most of us fans are still learning this "new" offense. I am sure that Coach Fleck has only shown a portion of the playbook."