From Panther Talk

Ben Moore - I expect the Panthers to be underdogs in the match up and GSU is looking to break an ugly road losing streak as the last win in the 'boro was in December 1996.

TALON -Yes, Georgia State will be Undermuts to Georgia Southern. I'd say by 10-20 points. It's to bad State has to look bad on ESPN in our dumpy Hanner field house. Still I think it's fitting.

BEN- Are you familiar how betting lines work? GS isnt covering a 10 point line at home in a rivalry game.
It should open at GSU +4 or so IMO.

TALON - Come on Ben, as TALON betting lines dont mean much to me, because I don't bet. Still State is playing at Southern. I say between 10-20 points. So call Los Vegas & tell them they got it wrong.

Isn't that right Pike?

How about you KJ and Sanders?