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Thread: MBB vs Ga St

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    another byington special

    And to think a few years ago, some of our fans were worried he’d be poached by a P5 school.

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    This was supposed to be a statement and rookie go out on top. Hate it for him

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    What a shame. A dissapointing night we couldn’t hit clutch shots and State just wasn’t missing from 3 tonight. Oh well there’s always next year right? Let’s just kill it in the tourney

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    Not hopeful

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    Terrible defense. No effort on the boards in the 2nd half. Terrible shooting.

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    I foresee an early exit in the tourney per usual. Not even surprising anymore.

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    Very disappointed.

    We should have walked away with that one

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    Another Byington signature home loss in front of a great crowd. Would have been great momentum swing for future support for the fan base and students.

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    Ga state played like there was something on the line and we didn’t. Not the first time GS basketball has gotten my hopes up and let me down. Oh well. Let’s beat them in the tournament!

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    And here comes the dumb b****** about Byington after the first consecutive 20-win seasons in 30+ years.
    Don't choose to be annoyed. Choose to be amused.

    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.


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