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Thread: our song

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    Michael - '10 BS Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Statesboro by way of Thomson
    AMSOIL Independent Dealer - ZO# 1953271

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiftEagle View Post
    I have thought for years that the alma mater should be revised. I am in favor of using the text from Coach Russell’s retirement speech as a replacement. Can I get a motion and a second?
    So moved.

    ”Our weekends begin on Thursday”

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    You’d think we have merged with freaking Harvard.

    I’m so over these jackwagon butthurt clowns.

    I know we are supposed to be accommodating and welcoming and all..... But wow. They are making it hard

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    It would be interesting to hear from them what wording do they (White and Conger) specifically believe is not reflective of Savannah and Hinesville? Farming was and is a huge part of the entire region and I doubt anyone will dispute the abundance of sandy earth and pine trees in the region as well.

    Since GS is now a regional University I believe the alma mater is more relevant than ever before. I frankly wonder if either of them really read the words. Humble farm beginnings, sandy earth, and pine trees speak of the entie SE Georgia region. This proposal does not pass the smell test and I have to question if this is just a reflection of some people's anger with the merger? Maybe they feel they lost something in the merger so they want the Statesboro side to lose something as well?

    From humble farm beginnings
    Sprung up from the sandy earth
    Among the tow’ring pine trees
    Stands a treasure of great worth.
    Her price cannot be measured
    In silver or in gold
    But in the love and loyalty
    That many hearts enfold.Chorus:
    Georgia Southern University.
    On Eagles’ wings you soar.
    We pledge to you our loyalty
    And love for ever more

    Through triumphs and through trials
    Our Alma Mater’s stood
    As solid as the oak tree
    For justice and for good.
    As through these gates we travel
    And though our ways must part,
    Our Georgia Southern mem’ries
    We’ll keep within our hearts.

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    They probably want something in there about how Sherman refused to burn it....nevermind the fact when he got there he intended to but looked around and said "Damn.... somebody's already done this *****."

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    I heard they are also proposing we change the One More Time chant on kickoffs to yohoho and a bottle of rum, Gus will wear an eye batch and sport a peg leg, and they will be transplanting spanish moss in the trees on Sweet Heart Circle.

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    Our Alma Mater has been changed before.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EaglePA-C View Post
    Our Alma Mater has been changed before.

    Yeah we had to change college to university a few years ago. I dont object to changing it if the reason is valid and makes sense. The reasons they gave just do not add up and I do not believe in changing just for the sake of change.

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    Read the G.A. Andrew Conger, music major and student who made the suggestion, has probably already composed the new song. Make your mark on the future!

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    Maybe we could add the lyric somewhere in the new song, "up town funk......".

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