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Thread: MBB vs UTA

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    Default MBB vs UTA

    Typical tale of two halves so far.
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    Default Re: MBB vs UTA

    This is a bad loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLEX2 View Post
    This is a bad loss.
    +1. Such an inconsistent team.

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    Default Re: MBB vs UTA

    Go recruit some guys who can shoot the basketball. This 20% crap night after night is a joke.

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    Pitiful basketball! They looked like they didn’t want to play.
    Quan among others played sloppy all night
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    Shot 24% from 3. Only made 4 free throws. Yikes

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    So disappointed. Squandered a 13-point lead in the second half and lost by 5. Really poor coaching and team effort tonight. This was supposed to be the year. I support Coach Byington but he needs to get some fire in this team. Watching us shoot 3’s and free throws is gut wrenching. Without mentioning a few names, some of the guys that are on the floor need to be benched. So many off balance shots and 3’s from 4’ behind the line. Street ball at best. Hope we can turn things around Saturday and play some D as well. GATA.
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    Texas State beat Gag by double digits. Imagine what their fan is saying. Off night shooting the ball again. Really good road trip shooting the ball well and then come home with a disappointing performance. Really got sloppy around the 10 minute mark and never could get the bounce or the shot to go. Oh well, let’s win Saturday. Makes that game huge.

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    Same exact team
    Too many Urkels on your team that's why your wins low

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    we just got out coached:
    UTL had a good plan against Tookie - we had no answer (didn't change a thing to free him up)
    UTL went to the zone the second half - we had no answer
    Defense was terrible again.


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