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Thread: Paul Johnson to Retire??

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    Paul Johnson disciples square off in Army-Navy game
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    Lots of talk during the game last night about the possibility of a PJ return eventually. Honestly, I think he'll be back on some level. PJ seems like the kind of guy that will get bored with retirement eventually. Wouldn't shock me to see him back at a school like Western Carolina.
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    Since 2006 PJ's base salary was $21M total. Plus whatever bonuses (APR, graduation rates, etc) he received easily puts him over $25M career earnings at Tech. He's over 60 and doesn't need to work another day in his life, ever. Not to mention he's got some form of 2 pensions from Navy and the state of Georgia (32% of his state funded salary based on 16 years).
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    I doubt he would take a full time position. At his age, he would be smart to take things easy, lose the gut and get some good exercise program going. Old age would treat him better.

    I think he could make plenty of golf money by just consulting on how and why 4th down conversion attempts are smart. (I can think of more than a few examples where playing with that philosophy would have helped us.)

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