Who will it be and where?

Its not that I can't except the Pistol Option but I was at GSC when Jonson installed it his Spread Option under Erk. After winning the 1985, 86, being in the playoffs every year, a 15-0 NC in 1989 and Erk winning 82% of his 1aa games. I was hooked.

Then PJ turned the team around in 1997 going to the playoffs all 5 years he was At Southern, playing for 3 NCs and winning 2, winning 86% of his games.

Even Sewac had a 7.14% winning record 35-14 but could not when his playoff games
Monken turned the program around after VanGorder and Hatcher.

Fritz came in and blew the SunBelt apart using his Pistol Option, I was Thankfull and he did a great job.

At 9-3 the Pistol Option with HC Lunsford shows potential again. If he can show consistancy with it over the next 3 years I'll be a convert.

Southern offensive stats against State -

3rd downs 8 of 13
Total yards 381
Rushing yards 276
Passing yards 105
Rushing Plays 41 @ 6.1 per rush
Passing 8 of 11 for 9.5yards
Time of possession 28:58