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Thread: GA State game experiences

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueBlueDrew View Post
    The experience was bizarre to say the least.

    First off the music. Itís obvious they play it to make up for the fact that no one is there. Itís constantly going whenever the ball isnít in play. Itís a shame too because they actually have a great band who should get to play more. At least they had a good variety even if it did switch back and forth between Metallica and Jock Jams.

    Secondly, the stadium was just as cavernly as the dome. It was weird having entire areas of the stadium completely abandoned. It was so bizarre to walk up on the concourse and see every single concession stand and booth completely locked up and unoperational. It felt more like we had snuck into an abandoned stadium to play a game on the field before we got caught than it felt like we were playing a legitimate game on the road. It was just weird going from a Braves fan whoís used to seeing some life inside of Turner Field to seeing it empty for the most part.

    Parking in the Blue Lot was fun until it was time to leave. They had zero people directing traffic and it took me about 45 minutes to get out on the road. That was completely ridiculous. All in all you could tell that State was not used to hosting more than a few hundred fans at their games.

    One positive is they sold beer beer but I could only find one stand that was selling it and it was a temporary stand they had behind the visitors section specifically for us. It was good but the lines were incredibly long because it was the only one as far as I knew.

    still I had a good time, but I wouldnít say Iím looking forward to returning
    It looked like one of those abandoned carnivals you used to see in Scooby Doo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave. View Post
    I'm going to go in a completely different direction. Obviously the "visitor" sideline seats are limited. I sat in 130, and spent most of our concession time in the 123 area or at the beer stand behind out seats. I thought everything moved well. I thought it looked "occupied" and I didn't see this carvernous walking dead atmosphere.

    I also think the stadium looks great and I was pleased with the atmosphere. I had a great time, and I'll be back every time we play there. You guys have it way better than some might want to admit.
    I sat in 215, which was the 40 yard lne on the home side. The home side had more concessions and moved quicker than it appears the visitorís side did. Overall, I thought it was pretty good too. It was better than being at the dome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthGeorgiaEagle View Post
    My fiancťe missed 12 minutes of the 2nd quarter just trying to get fries.
    Thatís funny, my daughter and her fiancť told me the same thing!😂

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    As soon as I walked in, I thought to myself, "If Gotham City had a baseball field, this is it."

    Felt so weird to be in such a bare and cavernous stadium. It has potential but goodness the upkeep on that thing is going to be a pain in the butt and quite expensive. It needs a pressure washing something serious.

    The porta potty situation was ridiculous in the blue lot. Between that and the hour it took to leave the parking lot, you'd almost want to think Gag purposefully did that to ruin our experience. But who knows with that incompetent bunch.
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    They piped in crowd noise.

    Did you catch that? They actually piped in crowd noise.

    They had maybe 500 fans and they seriously piped in crowd noise.
    Quote Originally Posted by StanMolsonMan View Post
    Because.... We're idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pike51 View Post
    They piped in crowd noise.

    Did you catch that? They actually piped in crowd noise.

    They had maybe 500 fans and they seriously piped in crowd noise.
    On the ESPN+ broadcast, I noticed that the crowd noise was significantly more noticeable than the ESPN+ broadcasts from Paulson. That may have been why.

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    Similar to everything else State does in football, they take a good thing and ruin it.

    The Good:
    Turner Field is a unique venue for mid-major football, and it has a chance to be something pretty special (assuming Carter wants to pony up the cash to fix what needs fixing).
    The sight lines weren't as bad as I thought, but then again, I didn't even approach my seats (Section 209, behind home plate).
    Just like when Turner Field hosted the Braves, there's a great set-up for tailgating.

    The Bad:
    That video board is showing its age.
    Their band (bigger than ours) was mic'ed up, and then under utilized (It's probably the best thing State has going for it in the football realm).
    Concession choices were light overall, but especially behind the visitor sideline.

    The Ugly:
    Three porta-johns for the entire Blue Lot (how many thousand Eagle fans were up there?)
    No traffic cop and only 2? exits for the Blue Lot
    Their fan turnout was pitiful. My group walked in and sat about 15 rows up from the 50 behind their sideline - plenty of seats to choose from and no one checking tickets.
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    I told my wife and daughter to expect the blaring of music and noise between every play before we arrived. I felt they would do it to try and drown our our crowd noise and take us out of the game. It did not occur they would actually pipe in the fake crowd noise over the sound system but I noticed it too. They piped their band too. Maybe they have their band in the wrong place to get the best sound? It felt artificial and forced.

    I did not try their concessions but did note nothing was open near section 200. It has potential once they finish the renovations in the next 4 years, but it is going to be a money pit to maintain. All of the empty seats in the upper deck and the old right field stands makes it look even worse and it needs a good pressure washing. It reminds me of an old pair of hand me down jeans from a taller big brother.... knees are worn out and patched poorly....and the legs are rolled up so you wont trip!

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    More like we inherited a mansion that is a fixer upper. Owning a stadium in a major international city is a good asset. We had the Foo fighters last spring. We have the Atlanta Legends from the new football league, in addition to the SWAC/MEAC challenge. Only thing we're waiting for now is for someone to pony up for naming rights.

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