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Thread: Forum Runner app

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    Default Forum Runner app

    Logged in today and the GSUFans icon is finally there. So is the PantherTalk logo. What happened? Why's it just now showing up?

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    The gsufans one has always showed up for me.
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    It's never shown up for me before this week. Is there a way to make that Icon the Icon on the screen of my phone in place of the Forum Runner logo?

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    Default Re: Forum Runner app

    There is no official way to do this on any OS (to my knowledge). There is a workaround for Android, but nothing for iOS as far as I known.
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    It has always been on my iphone 4s since I first downloaded the app for over a year I think. I have had this app for a good while but don't remember when I downloaded it.

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    I had another forum's icon not show up. I deleted it from favorites and re-added it and it shows up fine now.

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