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Thread: Should we join this conference?

  1. Default Should we join this conference?

    From doing alot of reading of different sources and talking to some people connected to Appalachian St. here is what appears to be happening:

    SunBelt invites Georgia Southern, New Mexico St., Lamar and Idaho (for football only). This gets SunBelt to 12 football playing schools. I would assume the division would be Troy, South Alabama, Georgia St., Georgia Southern, Western Kentucky and 1 of Louisiana schools in East, with NMSU, Idaho, Lamar, Texas St., Arkansas St. and the other Louisiana school in the West.

    Appalachian apparently along with James Madison and Delaware are trying to get invites to MAC for football with App's other teams playing in CAA.

    So given that possibility should be join the SunBelt?

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    If we want to go FBS, we have to start somewhere. We are in no position to be picky.

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    I'm all for moving to the Sunbelt as long as our admin realizes this is a stepping stone to something bigger not a place to get complacent.

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    AppSt will take the first invite be it from the MAC or the SunBelt. As of today the SunBelt is a 11 members with 9 in football so at most i see them adding at least 3 to get to 12 in football. And those 3 would be Georgia Southern, AppSt, & NMSU.
    Idaho will not be added.
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    Absolutely, 100% yes. If NIU, Kent State, Ball State, La Tech, Southern Miss, ECU etc can crack the top 25, no reason we can't do the same in the Sun Belt.
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    Crossing the FBS threshold is our #1 priority, all other concerns come second. Sun Belt's our only real option at the moment. With or without App State, we gotta go when we get the invite. That guaranteed spot for a non-AQ in the BCS alone makes it worth it.
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    App fan here, just some clarification of whats going on with us, the mac rumor is just that a rumor, personally, I think there is almost no chance that it happens, the MAC is very stable, App brings nothing to the table that would make the MAC stronger. Personally, I think the MAC is a better fit for App, but, I dont think its going to happen. The SBC, a different story, from what I have heard and read, you guys are a lock, the SBC would love to have GS and Georgia State as conference rivals, as far as App, I think the odds are in our favor, but I dont know, alot of negative talk they might take a Texas team. Our administration, as usual, are acting like they know nothing. Cobb, our AD, gave a confusing statement a few days ago, stated that the administration knew nothing of whats going on, but then said at the end of the statement, that they had spent alot of time on the phones the past couple of days, crazy. App has spent the last 6 years planning for this move, we have increased the athletic budget to almost 18 million, plan in place to increase the size of the stadium, yosef donations increased to almost 4 million a year, and a 5 year 300 million fund raising project that is on schedule to reach its goals. If App gets left behind, the backlass is going to be huge, Cobb and Peacock will have alot of explaining to do, its now or never for us. Good luck today, pulling for you guys,

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