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Thread: Basketball - Game day

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    Could someone please tell the marketing/promo/events/cheerleading coach that fans are tried of the same old bs game after game, year after year. For atleast 3 or 4 years now we have been doing the same things at the same time every game. Same contests, same cheers, same old beat down. I always love the " who's house our house cheer" when you are down by 8 to 10 points with a couple of minutes to go.

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    Maybe if the crowd made more noise for the game than they do for free t-shirts, marketing/promo/events/cheerleading wouldn't have to try and pump up the crowd in a close game. I guess when we are losing we should all just pack up and go home? I got an idea, try looking up a phone number or email address.

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    Its not a close game with 2 minutes to go and you are down 8 to 10 points and have been down the whole game. You run the smack talk cheers when your are up or tied at the end of the game. A few years ago we did that cheer when we were down over 20 to Davy with 3 minutes left. I am not dogging the cheerleaders, they do a good job, just the person in charge for not mixing things up.
    The crowd support has been great this year considering that we have 1 D-1 win and are ranked around the 5th worse d-1 team in the country. At this point in the season, with our record, most programs would be drawing around 500 folks per game.

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    I'm gonna make one point. Having been at all the home basketball games, the crowd has made a great deal of noise when the team has shown sparks of brilliance. While I enjoy a few of the marketing devices, I can also see where they would get boring after years of doing the same thing.

    There was a time, a few years ago, when I wanted to kick puppies because I had heard "hey, Pachuko" so many times I thought I would bleed from my ears.

    I've had nothing but positive experiences with most of the staff and marketing folks at the basketball games and they are all extremely helpful, able folks. The problem is the overarching sense of malaise and that tends to start from the top.

    Attitude reflects leadership.

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