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    Re: Jordan Wiggins death

    Terrible tragedy for all associated with the young man. Mental Health and Substance use disorders are the number one killers by far - it's not even close and they're the most misunderstood...
  2. Re: NMSU v GS-Score, Attendance, Weather Predictions

    Most likely our last win of the year. 4 FG and 2 TDs gives GS 26 and NMSU hits a couple of big plays and kicks 2 FG to get 20.
  3. Re: [GAME THREAD] Football vs. Coastal Carolina (October 19 - 3:00 PM)

    Very painful to watch the offense. More painful to read criticism from "fans" who can't be bothered to actually attend the game.
  4. Re: Eagle Insider: From the Desk of Tom Kleinlein (Alcohol / Kickoff times / Attendan

    Charge for beer in all club levels except Stadium Club. Free beer encourages irresponsible consumption. And It Shows.
  5. Re: Eagle Insider: From the Desk of Tom Kleinlein (Alcohol / Kickoff times / Attendan

    I had a few specific negative Nancy's in mind. Sadly, the majority of GS alumni live closer than Atlanta, buy a red and black shirt and never look back. Nearly every school in FBS and many in FCS...
  6. Re: Eagle Insider: From the Desk of Tom Kleinlein (Alcohol / Kickoff times / Attendan

    If some posters gave a dollar to the Eagle Fund to match each post here, we might not have continuity problems. It's like people who don't vote griping about politics. If you don't donate, buy...
  7. Re: Bob DeBesse opens up on ‘disjointed’ Georgia Southern offense

    Better O Line play = no more stagnant or "disjointed" offense. Our issues are not about scheme or play calling. It's about 11 man execution.
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    Re: CCU v GS Score/Attendance Prediction

    Based on facts instead of hopes, CCU 31 - GS 16
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    Re: Rivalries

    I wish we had the financial support those "clowns in ATL" have. I'm starting to believe they will indeed pass us. Georgia Southern just doesn't seem to be able to generate the economic support in...
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    Re: OC Needs to Settle On Offensive Plan

    Don't bother responding to him gsuoption, he's a miserable idiot troll. He's even short enough to qualify as a troll.
  11. Re: [GAME THREAD] Football at South Alabama (October 3 - 7:30:00 PM)

    This is why I love all the pre-season chest thumping based on unbelievable turnover margins and some fluke plays producing 4-5 wins better than the team in 2018. All of this (coaching turnover) is...
  12. Re: South Alabama is an absolute must win

    I agree except for the part about Ole Miss automatically categorized as "winnable". If we're talking 20% or less chance ok. People have unreasonable expectations and fail to realize how much...
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    Re: Recruiting

    This is the biggest issue. I don't think the problems are X's and O's. Play calling probably reflects assessment of execution probability
  14. 6 Beer Garden Sec 106 for swap with Eagle Club

    I'm looking to move my group to the Eagle Club. I have 6 season tickets spots in 106. Checking to see if someone wants to swap.
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    Re: What to expect from Bob Debesse

    Not sure what happened to the question posed by the OP. Sound like RDR - like most correct thinking people.
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    Re: What to expect from Bob Debesse

    Rhetorical, maybe, yes, yes, yes, I don't think so.
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    Re: Changes to gameday announced

    If we could only get the beer out of the seating area to cut down on over consumption. Most people are responsible, but a few are up and down so much they should just stay in line.
  18. Re: Louisiana Score + Attendance Prediction Thread

  19. Re: Louisiana Score + Attendance Prediction Thread

    The final score does not reflect the game. Minnesota dominated the LOS more than 80% of the day. There were lanes for JT to cut back in that his inexperience missed. Maybe Shai will find those in...
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    Re: Eagle Fans at Gameday in Athens

    When I was younger in the 70's and early 80's I was an avid fan of the Dawgs! As I got older I learned more about the good-ole-boy system of the Board of Regents, State Assembly, and every city and...
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    Re: Eagle Fans at Gameday in Athens

    I can't believe I'm doing this, but my best friend and business partner asked me to go and I agreed. He's been to many GS games and our program bought a lot of GS season tickets. I even agreed to...
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    Poll: Re: Predict our 2019 Conference Record

    It's impossible to predict anything because of the inconsistent play on offense. It doesn't seem like coach speak to be taking one week/play at a time.
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    Re: After the game thoughts

    We're playing catch up in recruiting. The offense shows signs of development, but seems "nervous" rather than confident before each snap. We need to line up and go instead of waiting 10-15 seconds.
  24. Re: [GAME THREAD] Football at Minnesota (September 14 - 3:30:00 PM)

    Congrats to the Gophers who deserved the win. Sloppy play from both teams today with Minn clearly being more talented and complete. Eagles beating Eagles so far with the poor snaps. Tomlin has...
  25. Re: Restaurant viewing of Saturday’s GS game.

    I'm sure they'll all have it on and you can replace someone wearing red after their stAte game.
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