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  1. Re: My thoughts on the beer garden last night

    The problems I listed are easily fixable. As a father of two I would recommend keeping kids in the club level just for the shade. Iíve expressed my concerns to Athletics staff and Iím sure they will...
  2. Re: NEEDED: 2 tickets in 106 for Troy game

  3. Re: My thoughts on the beer garden last night

    My seats are in 106 and we have been having problems all year with the beer line/garden. The line for wristbands has been a joke. Numerous people have just skipped the people punching tickets and end...
  4. NEEDED: 2 tickets in 106 for Troy game

    Iím looking for two tickets in 106 for the Troy game. Hopefully a family that will become new Eagle Fund members next year.
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    Re: How nice

    Even though this post was taken down having it posted in the first place rubs me the wrong way. Iím sure the university may have gotten wind of this and thatís why we are pushing #TrueBlueMonday but...
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    Re: Thoughts on...

    There is a group called the Atlanta Alumni Advisory Council that is working on issues with events around the metro Atlanta area. The group is split up into "regions" and those regions have up to four...
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    Re: Belated Happy Birthday...

    Thank you JDC!

    With the campaign primarily looking for donor participation and not donation value I truly thank you. The holidays and end of the year are almost never the best time to make any...
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    Re: Belated Happy Birthday...

    WE refers to the Georgia Southern University community at large (I.e. alumni, supporters, friends of the university). WE are the ones who put money forth to the university foundation, the athletic...
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    Belated Happy Birthday...

    ... to OUR great university, Georgia Southern University!

    We all love Georgia Southern in our own qwerky ways and currently we are celebrating the 110th birth-month of First District A&M! There is...
  10. NEEDED: 2 tix in Sec 229 at Tech game

    I have two late additions to my group wanting to sit in the visitor section the rest of our group is in.
  11. Re: GA Southern at GT tickets Section 229: Row 29: Seat 13-14 for sale

    Sending a PM
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    Re: Braves event - July 29th, 2016

    I am being told of big plans for this particular night. I do expect there to be various reasons for a lot of people to want to attend.
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    Re: Season ticket goal is 8,500

    Yeah I guess my first post was pretty leading. That's message boards for ya.

    My intention was to show there is still a lot of interest from recent grads in their 20's even with a bunch of life...
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    Re: Season ticket goal is 8,500

    I didn't actually get my 6th ticket, I requested one and started a six month payment plan on it along with my donation, other five tickets, and parking. If for any reason at all I don't get the extra...
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    Re: Season ticket goal is 8,500

    Upped my five in 107 from last year to 6 in 107 this year!
  16. Re: GA State v GA Southern 2 tickets for sale section 105: Beer Garden seats

    Interested. Sending PM.
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    Re: Um, ESPN, yeah ...

    Also, this article about predicting conference champions for each conference. They refer to us as Gag State when saying we have a 96% chance of winning this weekend.
  18. Re: 4 Tickets - USA Game - Sec 105 (Beer Garden)

    PM sent.
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    Re: Cure Bowl

    I know I will be in the minority for this but I actually like what could be for us at the Camellia Bowl. Here is my logic...

    It's the cheapest ticketed bowl game, it's 2.5 hours from ATL and 5...
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    Re: 25,000 for Homecoming is the goal!

    I have heard a good bit of chatter about the game and know many coming that haven't been back in a while. None have bought tickets yet because they are procrastinating, even against my warnings, and...
  21. Re: Section 108 Tickets available (multiple games)

    I will take the NMSU game.
  22. Ticket wanted; Citadel game section 106

    In need of one ticket to the Citadel game in section 106!
  23. Re: For a good laugh...worst case scenario for the Sunbelt

    I was laughing until he took it a little too far then I couldn't laugh anymore.
  24. Re: GS receives 2 votes in Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll

    I need this as a desktop background for a few people at work!
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    Re: Middle Georgia Eagle fans ....

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