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  • Advertising Rate Sheet Advertising Rate Sheet

    Yearly Site Sponsorship $1000.00
    January 1st through July 31st Site Sponsorship $500.00
    August 1st through December 31st Site Sponsorship $500.00

    Monthly Rate Schedule

    Jan $85.00
    Feb $100.00
    Mar $85.00
    Apr $80.00
    May $80.00
    Jun $70.00
    Jul $70.00
    Aug $100.00
    Sept $120.00
    Oct $130.00
    Nov $150.00
    Dec $150.00


    All Sponsorships include inclusion in above-the-fold banner/ad block rotation, for term of sponsorship

    Site Sponsorship additionally provides unlimited posting access to the sponsor forums

    Site Sponsorship included unique subforum for the duration of sponsorship


    Commercial advertisement within the site is limited only to banner advertising and posting within the approved sponsor forum. Usernames may not include web addresses or suffixes such as .com

    Signature blocks may not be used in any manner to advertise or promote any commercial product or professional service. Links to such content may result in deletion of signature block and loss of user access.

    Links to commercial third party interests (film/media/video excluded) are subject to removal if found to be in conflict with Terms of Service

    Use of the Eagle Trader forum and individual sub-forums absolves and from any and all liability associated with the sale, purchase, gift or trade of any item listed. Users who may elect purchase goods through this electronic interface, agree upon activation on the same Terms of Service.

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